Motivate your kids to speak Spanish at home

I think this bilingual texting service is great, and it motivates me to incorporate Spanish into our mommy-and-me time and any chance I get.

Free tips and activities for bilingual kids, sent by Messenger

(We're a nonprofit and will never sell your data.)

We'll send fun and creative Spanish activities like tongue-twisters, songs, and games that encourage kids to speak the language.

The tips have been very helpful! They are simple and easy to use regardless of the child's age. The links were very fun, especially the links to the Spanish songs and the tongue twisters.

Parent-tested ideas from the hive.

Maybe there is an instructional manual for kids after all.

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Bilingual Kids

Free tips and resources for daily Spanish practice

By setting a Spanish goal with your kids and motivating them with a special prize, we help you get into the habit of daily Spanish improvement.

While you tell a story, record it on your phone. You will soon have a library of favorites you can play for the kids instead of plopping them in front of a screen.


Free tips and activities for bilingual kids, sent to your phone

- Natalia from Oklahoma

- Stephanie from PA

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